It all started at a small radio station in fresno . . .

Dr Keith Christopher Hampson is a management consultant with 20 years of experience helping universities, businesses, and governments make informed investments that support the digital transformation of higher education. “HEM.digital” is the corporate entity used to pull together the best people for the task at-hand.


Most of the work done over the past two decades by HEM.digital focuses on digital teaching and learning, but inevitably touches on other other matters such as instructional content strategies, marketing, faculty development, and organizational design.

This site, in addition to serving as a calling-card of a sort, is used to record the occasional observation about digital higher education. Looking back, it’s clear that some of what I’ve captured here over the years has served as a starting point for many of the more fruitful collaborations with people and organisations. After taking something of a hiatus from writing for the past couple of years, you can expect to see a steady stream of new material - starting in May 2019.

You’ll find a selection of short essays from the last decade under “Notes”.

You can learn more about the type of work I’m typically asked to do by visiting by the “Work” page.

To connect with me directly, please use the “Contact” page.