I created hem.digital in 2008 to serve as a platform for work with a focus on the intersection of education, media, and markets. I help clients navigate the opportunities and threats of digital transformation slowly reconfiguring higher education and the industries that support this key institution.


I’ve worked in digital higher education for roughly twenty years. Starting as a university faculty member, I chose to move into management - leading Ryerson University’s online education, where my colleagues and I generated 500% increase in revenue and won six national awards.

For much of the last decade, I’ve worked as an independent advisor for universities, vendors, and governments. I’ve built go-to-market strategies for ed-tech start-ups, designed three-year strategic plans for government projects, pleaded with multinationals about where not to invest, built pitch decks that made all the difference in the life of a young company, made that one critical introduction to the “right” person, found and managed acquisitions for foreign investors, delivered provocative keynotes at sales conferences, and sat on my share of advisory boards. About half of my work is in Canada, 4/10th in the US, and the rest distributed across a few OECD nations.

I’m a stickler for serious industry analysis. Good decisions come from a deep understanding of the issues and how they connect. Nothing pushes me over-the-edge as quickly as having to watch an organisation throw their money and reputation at an opportunity without a full grasp of the situation. Those that prosper in the coming years will either do so because of sheer luck, or they’ll have had a better understanding of what’s actually going on in this space. The latter is safer.

When not working, you’ll likely find me walking my dogs along the edge of Lake Ontario, in the part of Toronto that locals refer to as “The Beaches”.

This site, in addition to serving . . .

. . . as a calling-card, this site is used to record the occasional observation about digital higher education. Looking back, it’s clear that some of the notes I’ve written on this site have served as the starting point for many of my more meaningful collaborations. After taking something of a hiatus from writing for the past couple of years, you can expect to see a steady stream of new material - starting in the summer of 2019.

A selection of short essays from the last decade can be found under “Notes”.

You can learn more about the type of work I do, as well as my clients by visiting the “Work” page.

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