Representative Clients

Northeastern University (USA)

Higher Ed Partners (USA-Canada)

ATMC Education Group (Australia)

Notetonic (Canada)

eCampus Ontario (Canada)

StrategyCorp (Canada)

Cengage Learning (USA)

American Association of Publishers (USA)

Nelson Education (Canada)

Council of Ontario Universities (Canada)

Bertelsmann AG (USA)

Contact North (Canada)

Flat World Knowledge (USA)

Capella University (USA)

Crescent Capital Partners (Australia)

The University of Toronto (Canada)

(And 24 others)

Representative Engagements

Preparation of a strategic plan for an $80m (CDN) government initiative designed to expand digital learning across 40+ institutions.

Analysis and forecast of the impact of alternative providers of adult education on the traditional higher education sector (e.g. bootcamps, online platforms). 

Identification and assessment of new market opportunities for the Board of the nation’s largest textbook publisher. 

Identification and management of an acquisition of a private education company on behalf of an offshore client.  

Identification and development of partnerships with private companies on behalf of a university client.  

Nice Things Said About Me

“It takes an expert viewpoint and logical facts to articulate clearly the trends in PSE related to a technology enhanced environment.  Keith delivers the information with the correct balance of expertise and logic plus a sprinkle of good humour, to help faculty and administrators understand where we need to go and how we can get there.  Northern College is the smallest college in the Ontario system, yet Keith brought home the salient issues for our college.  Despite our size, Keith made the opportunities abundantly apparent!
Dr Audrey Penner, Vice-President, Academic and Student Success, Northern College

"Keith brings a deep knowledge of the higher education market landscape and is one of the leaders in understanding the trends and impact that technology has on the learning process. While at Nelson, I engaged Keith in a consulting project that was designed to help us target potential partnerships and untapped markets. The work Keith completed provided us with a clear road map to expand outside our core business into new revenue streams."
Jonathan Abrams, Partners in Publishing

"I was delighted to work with Keith Hampson when we invited him to speak to our premium customers at a conference. Keith was very thoughtful in his approach and carefully considered our audience to craft his presentation. When it came time to deliver, his presentation was lively, well-designed, and enlightening. Our customers were entertained, and they definitely walked away learning more about educational technology trends."
Kristen Hurd, Director, Marketing, Cengage Learning

“These days it seems as though you can’t mention “education” without also saying things like “change”, “technology” and “disruption” in the same breath. While pundits loudly but vaguely proclaim the death of traditional education models, those within the education system itself cast about for real answers to actual challenges and issues, as it pertains to [insert list of consulting specializations].

Keith Hampson is, in my view, one of the very few people who possesses such a useful blend of domain expertise, insight and pragmatism that those operating in the education market really should know and work with him. When we were in startup mode with our EdTech company, which focuses on digital distribution of learning materials, we relied heavily on Keith’s advisory services. I can’t recommend him enough: working with Keith made a real difference to us spanning such diverse subjects as strategy, branding and product.”
Ian Barker, CEO, Symtext

“If you are considering changes in your institutions approach to online learning and teaching Keith Hampson can bring an ideal set of experiences and perspectives to the table. Keith has been both a professor and researcher at Ryerson University and led the Distance Education team here. Keith’s leadership is one reason distance education at Ryerson has been so successful. His understanding of the economic and political realities in higher-education is excellent and he brings a mature, thoughtful, and positive approach to every discussion. Keith’s presentation during Ryerson’s LMS consultation helped me reframe some of our discussions. Keith has a great understanding of how organizational issues can hinder or support instructional quality and a knack for distinguishing between hype and real trends in digital higher education.”
Brian Lesser, Director, Academic Technology, Ryerson University

“Keith’s an unmatched analyst and international authority on the intersection between higher education and digital technology.  He cuts through the fad and fear associated with this sphere to assist clients in understanding the most salient research and trends that will continue to shape the nature of higher education in the 21st century.  He is razor sharp and frank.  His consultation to the College Committee on Disability Issues in Ontario was invaluable; helping our members clearly identify the new terrain in which disability services now operates.”
Meghan Houghton, CCDI 

Board and Advisory Roles

Board of Directors, ATMC Education Canada, 2019-present

Corporate Advisory Group, Higher Ed, edNEST, 2018-present

Strategic Advisor, Higher Ed Partners, 2018-present

Board of Directors, Capella University, 2012-2013

Advisor, MaRSDD, Education Sector (Incubator), 2013-present

EdTek Services Inc, Advisory Board, 2010-2014

Grade Guru, Academic Advisory Board, 2009-2012

Flat World Knowledge, Advisory Team, 2008-2011